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March Quotes
Theme: Loyalty

1. The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, integrity, faith, love, and loyalty. - Zig Ziglar
2. The strength of a family and a team, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other. - Mario Puzo
3. Loyalty is a virtue we cherish. When things get tough, our clients know without question we will stand beside them. - Thomas Moran
4. The scholar does not consider gold and jade to be precious treasures, but loyalty and good faith. - Confucius
5. So when you burn a bridge, when you quit on others, when you take from someone who supports you,...what do you really have? And what does this say about you? Loyalty reigns. It always will.  -DV
6. Most important in a friendship? Tolerance and loyalty.  - JK Rowling
7. It is better to be faithful than famous.  - Theodore Roosevelt
8. The game is my life. It demands loyalty and responsibility, and it gives me back fulfillment and peace. - Michael Jordan