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WINS For Life 2013 Summer Basketball Schools
Much more than a basketball camp...
it is the WINS For Life Basketball School!

*Improve Skills & Knowledge.   *Acquire New Skills.   *Big Fun!   *Develop Fundamentals.   *Learn Life Lessons.

This is an exceptional learning opportunity. This unique basketball school features advanced skill development, fun basketball challenges, educational activities and outstanding instruction. Full-court competition, station drills, team building games, contests and mini-lectures are creatively combined to teach a range of basketball skills and important life lessons. Our experienced educators provide each student with valuable learning experiences to ensure individual improvement in basketball ability and knowledge. Students gain confidence and make new friends. Early registration is best as we typically sell out.
WINS For Life Basketball: features the WINS For Life All Stars AAU Basketball program, summer basketball schools, fall league, three on three tournaments, after school programs, youth clinics, coaching clinics, and individual instruction. The home of WINS For Life is the Valley Sports Center (Albany Turnpike, Canton, CT. 06019), valleysportscenter.com.

The Staff: includes college coaches, high school coaches, teachers, college student-athletes, and local Varsity players.
Director: David Vasquenza is founder of WINS For Life, a company valued for quality educational events and services.
He is the Basketball Director at VSC. Mr. Vasquenza has over 20 years work experience in human services as staff trainer and counselor.
He has coached college, high school, AAU, and middle school basketball. From 1994-96, “Coach V” led the Connecticut Starters AAU teams to three consecutive State Championships. From 1996-2000, he assisted Worcester State College Men’s Basketball teams to much success.
The Lancers earned the only regular season championship in school history (1999-2000) and two ECAC berths (1998, 2000).
Mr. Vasquenza also hosts clinics at the Basketball Hall of Fame.

2013 Girl’s Sessions (1G-3G):
1G: (grades 6-10), 6/24-6/25 (9:00am-3:30pm)       Site: Valley Sports Center                 Fee: $225
2G: (grades 5-9), 7/15-7/19 (8:15am-11:45am)       Site: Windsor Locks High School      Fee: $135)
3G: (grades 5-10), 8/5-8/9 (9:00am-3:30pm)           Site: Star Hill Family Center++          Fee: $225 (after July 15: $235)

2013 Boys SessionS (1B-5B):
1B: (grades 5-8), 7/8-7/12 (9:00am-3:30pm)            Site: Valley Sports Center                Fee: $225)
2B: (grades 5-8), 7/15-7/19 (12:30pm-4:00pm)        Site: Windsor Locks High School     Fee: $135
3B: (grades 9-12), 7/22-7/26 (9:00am-3:30pm)        Site: Valley Sports Center                Fee: $225
4B: (coed, grades 4-6)    7/29-8/2 (9:00am-3:30pm)  Site: Valley Sports Center                Fee: $225
5B: (grades 5-11), 8/13-8/17 (9:00am-3:30pm)        Site: Star Hill Family Center++         Fee: $225 (after July 15: $235)

++ The Star Hill sessions (3G & 5B) offer the option for before and/or after care. This provides extended coverage and has an additional fee. If interested, please contact Mike Smida: (860) 871-8800 (ext. 211) or .

One application per student
Student Application (please print)    Session#: _____ Fee: _____ Session#: ____ Fee: _____ Total Fee: $______

Student Name: ______________________________ Parents Name(s): ______________________________________

Birth Date: ___/___/___ Age:___ Male:___ Female:___ Grade (2013-14):____ School: _________________________

Mail: ______________________________________________________ Email: ________________________________

Home phone______________________ work: ______________________________ cell: ________________________

Insurance company:___________________________________________ Policy #:______________________________

Doctor name & phone:_________________________________ *Parent signature:______________________________

**For Allergies or other medical conditions, please attach a note to this form.
*Parental signature (above) is required to enroll the student. *With signature: I understand basketball has risk of personal injury. As parent/guardian to participating student, I agree to full responsibility (as does the student) for the personal health/safety of the student. I accept responsibility for all financial liabilities. To the best of my knowledge, the student is in good physical and mental condition, and does not have a condition that could be aggravated by participation, nor has a medical condition that could place others in harm’s way. I agree to allow immediate medical care, if needed. I agree to waiver, release, and hold harmless WINS For Life, Valley Sports Center (VSC), Windsor Locks Rec. Dept., Town of Windsor Locks, East Granby Rec. Dept. Town of East Granby, and Star Hill Family Athletic Center . Each student is responsible for their personal property. Photos or video of students in WINS For Life activities may be taken by WINS For Life and VSC staff for WINS For Life or VSC marketing purposes.
Mail-in Registration only
Checks payable to: WINS For Life, LLC     Mail: P.O. Box 8396, Manchester, CT. 06042-8396
Email:       Contact: David Vasquenza, (860) 645-1934    Fax: (860) 643-5172

Registration includes: WINS For Life Basketball shirt      Circle size: Youth: L, Adult: S, M, L, XL, XXL