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The spirit and management of the game within the sport of basketball.
  Basketball officials are hired to protect and serve (to the best of their abilities) the true spirit, integrity and fair mangement of
  basketball competition. Officials generally love the game as much as the players and coaches. They want the game to be to
  honored and respected. Basketball officials care about what is best for fair play and competition. WINS For Life hires people  
  who care about the sport of basketball and those who participate. WINS For Life looks to hire the best possible certified officials. 
  We don't select referees from a specific Board. We select quality people for specific reasons:
     * Professionalism and Knowledge
     * Level of Experience (high school varsity and college).
     * Leadership and source of positive interactions with the students, players and coaches.
     * Positive energy. 
     * Ability to initiate teaching moments for the students (at appropriate times) without interrupting the flow of the game.  

  We are proud to recommend the individuals listed below (in alphabetical order):
   Carriero, Tara  
   Crews, Corey
   Crockett, Kevin
   DiTuccio, Marty
   Gentry, Greg
   Marioni, Paul
   Nelson, Larry
   Pitts, Quentin
   Salafia, Joe      
   Schreiner, Scott
   Schreiner, Richard:
   Tanner, Craig
   Thibodeau, David
   Tyler, Fortney,
   Vickerman, Zhanna