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 WHO IS WINS For Life?

   WINS For Life offers a variety of educational events and services available to children, students, and adults
   throughout New England. Listed below is a brief summary of everything that we provide. 

   The workshops serve as excellent staff training events designed to provide professional development hours and 
   effective team building experiences. WINS For Life workshops are very informative, interactive, fun, and valuable 
   learning opportunities.
    For students we provide a variety of school events, including after school programs. We offer anything and
    everything related to basketball. There may not be another company around the provides as much as we do for
    within the sport of basketball. Our coaching clinics are very well received. Repeat business is 100%!


WINS For Life Events and Services

Email:       Office: (860) 645-1934     Fax: (860) 643-5172     Web: wins4life.com   

 Professional Development, Workshops, Staff Training seminars
Interpersonal Dynamics I & II: Fun team building provides principals, tools, strategies and solutions for improved  

   work environment. Focus areas: group performance, effective communication, countering adversity, work-place   
   relationships, accountability
, effective communication.  2-hours (4 total)    

 * Role Model 101 (series): Our #1 event. This highly regarded workshop series empowers participants both personally 
nd professionally. Multiple benefits in this very informative, motivational and fun learning experience.  - 2.5-hours 

 * RM 102: An essential overview of Role Model 101. Includes addition & expansion of key topics and 30 strategies. 2-hrs. 

  *  RM 200: New child care & leadership topics. Activities & lessons to reinforce the R.M. tools, techniques, strategies. 2-hrs.

 * Role Model 300: Culmination of W4L Role Model Series, includes power point, more strategies, fun surprises. 2.5-hours.

  *  Special Deeds for Special Needs I & II: Information & effective methods to teach, interact & assist those of special 

    needs. Covers history of human services; overview of Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Prader-Willi Syndrome.
 * Team Parenting I & II: It requires a team effort when educating young people. Child care staff and parents will gain mutual  
    benefits in this workshop to enhance communication, harmony community effort & positive results.  .5-hours (3 total)   

 * University of Diversity: The cultural balance of accepting, connecting & educating others in a world of diversity. 2-hours

  *  What’s Next?!: Responding to adversity, challenge, crisis and conflict with a systematic, intellectual approach. 1.5-hours

School Events & Student Educational Programs: during school, after-school, vacations, summer, weekends.
Guest Speakers: banquets, awards ceremony, special event, informal or formal, athletic or educational.
 Choose your theme and  topics, or select from the W4L Building Blocks (Values, Balance, Intellectual Strength, Adversity).


 * Band of Leaders: Leadership skills (accountability, communication, self-reliance), team building exercises.

 * Your Team for Self Esteem: Personal growth via the working relationships between self, family, community, school.

 * Self Graduation: A “change agent” in leading students towards improvement in academic and personal achievement.  

 * What’s Next?!: Responding to adversity, challenge and crisis with a systematic, strategy-based, intellectual approach.

 * After School Basketball events:  1.) Hip Happy Hoops: recreational    2.) Full Court Victories: advanced

 Basketball Events

 WINS For Life serves as a guest speaker and hosts clinics at the Basketball Hall of Fame.           

 Coaching Clinics:

 * Youth Sports for All Sorts: A clinic for youth coaches who are teaching children of ages 5-12 (any/all sports).

   This three-hour clinic is a broad approach to healthy coaching, Participants benefit from techniques, strategies

   and philosophies to manage coaching duties, develop skills and teach fundamentals. Sport specific clinics available.  

 Basketball Coaching Clinics: each participant receives the W4L Resource Coaching Booklet and clinic outline.

 * Coaching clinics (grade K-3 or 4-8): Options: 2.5-hrs, 3-hrs., 4-hrs., 8-hrs. (2 days). 40% classroom, 60% on-court

 * Coaching clinics (grades 7-12): Options: 2.5-hours, 3-hrs., 4-hrs., 8-hrs (2 days). 40% classroom, 60% court time.

Practice & Team Consultation:
We will attend games, practices or try-outs to provide team assessment or player evaluation. 
Includes suggestions and demonstrations for drills, strategies, adjustments, methods to enhance individual/team success.

 AAU Basketball: The WINS For Life All Stars is a spring program for girl's (5th-7th grade) & boy’s (4th-10th grade).

 WINS For Life Basketball School: A unique basketball camp learning experience. Full or ½-day sessions for 5- days.
 Exceptional instruction (includes life lessons taught via basketball skills development in a fun and competitive environment).


 Three on Three Tournaments: Big Fun! Includes clinic. Minimum of five games. 3 or 4 students per team. Awards.

Youth Basketball Clinics:
We can provide any type of basketball clinic to fit your needs. Available for any age group.

 * Values of Life & Athletics: Entertaining event. Single clinic teaching life lessons via basketball drills and contests.

 * V’s Three’s: Clinic series. Flexible schedule. Age appropriate skills, drills and topics. Great for after school programs

Fall League:
Boys & Girls. Divisions: Elementary (grade 3-5), Middle School (grade 5-8), High School (grade 9-12). Sept-Oct.

Individual Instruction:
Outstanding instruction for those who desire to improve on & off the court! Solo or small group.


“Help Us to Help Others” 

The WINS For Life mission is to assist as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible.

Please help us to help others by providing references & recommendations. Your support is appreciated. Thank You!

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  Athletes, AAU, After School programs, Award Ceremonies, Banquets, Board of Education, Boys & Girls Clubs, Camps, Child Care Professionals, Churches, Coaches, Colleges, CYO Leagues, Day Cares, Elem. Schools, High Schools, Human Services, Middle Schools, Nursery Schools,PAL Leagues, Parents, Police Dept’s, PTO’s, Recreation Dept’s, Special Education, Special Olympics, Sports Teams, Staff Training, Students, Teachers, YMCA’s, YWCA’s, Youth Basketball programs, Youth Groups and YOU!   

Contact: David Vasquenza (860) 645-1934