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We frequently get calls & emails about the questions we have listed below.
This page was established to help savve you some time.
You are welcome to call or email if you need additional information.
860-645-1934,   wins4life@cox.net
Do I have to go to both try-outs?
It is not necessary to attend both try-out clinics, but we do encourage it.
Students attending these tryouts will learn alot and get better as we run these try-outs like clinics with an emphasis on skill development while we are evaluating.  
How long is the season?
The season is typically March - June...yet, our high school teams will play someJuly tournaments
Our teams have often advanced to National Tournaments. If that is the case, we will add additional practices.
Where are the practices?
We schedule practice sites to fit where the members of each team are from. The geographic make-up of each roster
dictates where we host their practices. We have multiple practice sites. Traditionally, gym sites are in the following towns: East Hartford, Southington, South Windsor, Tolland, West Hartford, Windsor.  Often times, each team will have two two different sites to accommodate a roster from multiple towns. This will be announced once the team is selected.
When are the practices?
Each team practices twice per week for two hours. The total number of practice hours for the season will be approximately 50 hours.  The boys teams practice on Tuesday's and Thursday's. The girls teams will practice on Tuesday's and Wednesday's. Practice times range from 5:15pm-7:15pm, 6:30pm-8:30pm, or 7:15-9:15. The younger teams typically practice earlier, the older teams typically practice later.   
What is the season participation fee?
We will announce the season participation fee at the first try-out. 
There are payment plans available. Parents can select the payment plan that works best for them. There are some fund-raising opportunities for those in need. At each try-out, parents will receive a comprehensive informational page. We provide a lot of information to assist.   
The season participation fee is all-inclusive (no extra fees!).
It will include all the tournaments, uniform, shooting shirt, and practices.  Parents WILL NOT have to pay the entire fee up front. A deposit will be made at the parents meeting (1-2 weeks after we begin practicing), and the payment plan will then be selected.  
Where will the tournaments be?
The very large majority of the tournaments will be within a 90-minute radius of Hartford. We typically do not schedule over-nights, yet there may be a couple tourney's that parents may want to stay over.  The high school teams will do at least one overnight.
How many tournaments does WINS play in?
We will play between 7-8 "regular season" tourney's.
If a team qualifies for National Tourney ("post-season"), we will host a parents meeting to discuss how to pursue attending it.
Who are the coaches? 
Each team has a minimum of two paid coaches. The lvery large majority of our coaches are current high school coaches or they have college coaching or playing experience. Most of our coaches are certified with the CIAC. Many of our coaches work in the profession of educational services (teachers,...).